Tuesday, November 4, 2014

William Jardine & Rose Badger

William Jardine and Rose Badger were Lillie's parents.
"Rose Jardine, 16yrs... Bill Jardine 22 yrs old- Glasgow, Scotland"
From the personal albums of Lane Lythgoe
William Jardine (of Kelton, UT) married Rose Badger (of Kelton, UT) on 26 July 1909 in Ogden, UT.
Thus, she became Rose Badger Jardine.

Newspaper notice:
SOURCE: Box Elder News 1909, Jul 29, p.6
Newspaper notice transcribed:
"PERMITS TO WED.... At Ogden Tuesday- Milton* Jardine and Rose Badger, both of Kelton."
*Obviously, the name is William, not Milton

 Marriage License:
SOURCE: familysearch.org
Film #1324678
Older Bill and Rose
From the personal albums of Albert Winterrose
Apparently they later divorced, but I have no documentation on when exactly that took place.  When I find that, I will post it here.

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