Friday, January 9, 2015

Ruth Lythgoe & Olaf Jespersen

Ruth White Lythgoe was one of George's sisters.
She married Olaf Soestres Jespersen (of Huntsville, Utah) on 15 Dec 1915 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Thus, she became Ruth White Lythgoe Jespersen.
Ruth and Olaf Jespersen
From the personal albums of Albert Winterrose
Cropped and photoshopped together by me from existing separate images
Marriage License notice:
SOURCE: Salt Lake Telegram 1915, Dec 15, p.2
Area highlighted by me
 Marriage License:
Film # 0429125
*Discrepancy in film location.  Online link states #0429090,
but my notes indicate that this particular scanned record was found by me
through the above mentioned film #0429125.
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